Maya 3D dance film

May 4, 2011

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MAYA screening in 3D cinema version on the Hungarian Film Weeks.

Screened: 07. May 2011 12:30 & 20:15 at Corvin mozi (Jávor room)

3D dance-movie by Kata Juhász, Attila Zérczi and Guillaume le Grontec

„Maya (Sanskrit māyāa[›]), in Indian religions, has multiple meanings, centered around the concept of “illusion”.
Maya is the principal deity that manifests, perpetuates and governs the illusion and dream of duality in the
phenomenal Universe.”

Performed by: Zsuzsanna Rózsavölgyi

Directed by: Kata Juhász
Cinematography: Guillaume le Grontec
3D Video Technics and edited by: Attila Zérczi
Music & sound: András Blazsek and the BA Group
Underwater Cameraman: János Túri Artistic Consultant: Kornél Szilágyi
Chief Lighting Technician: Guillaume Brunet
Technician: Péter Barna (Hosszú)

Played by: Péter Barna, Carlos Rodero, Csaba Galambos, Kata Schiller , Szilvia Szálteleki, Erzsébet Tuba

Producer: Tamás Lóky

The 3D dolby, digital replica proceed by focus FOX.

Supported by: Hungarian National Cultural Found, Hotel Zsóri Thermal  Wellness, SÍN Culture Centre, János Túri, Focus Fox

Special Thanks: Erik Novák, Tamás Csordás, Mrs. Mary Lóky, László Koós, Csaba Horváth / Cie Forte,

The film is about the *maya*, the illusion into whose realm, according to the Vedas, all our experiences of the world we believe to exist belong. With the help of movement, dance and technology, the film shows the birth of this illusion, the appearance of sensual stimuli and through these the awakening of the consciousness.

This dance film was made with 3D video technology therefore it is able to combine the
spatial experience of a live stage performance and the free representation of time and spaces
made possible by editing.


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