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(re-creation of the piece originally conceived in 2006) Location/ venue: Kisvarda, Castle-theatre Timing: 06.03. 2015, 11:00 AM & 1 PM  (2 performances) 


Choreography, dance: Kata, Juhász Music, composers: Albert Márkos, Ernő Hock Video: Andrea Sztojanovits Dramaturgy: Gina Serbănescu Assistant director: Csilla Bereczki Consultant: Tamás Lóky Special thanks: Aleka, András Hajdú, Norbert Komenczy Sponsors: NKA, EMMI (NEFMI), Fügeprodukció, SÍN Kulturális Központ, Műhely Alapítvány, 4Culture Association, Jardin d’Europe, Aulea Alapítvány, Fügeprodukció, 4Culture Association, Jardin d’Europe


Like me, like me (2011)

February 27, 2012

in Repertory

Like me like me is a sensual encounter of dance, classical and contemporary music accompanied by high-tech video-art. The piece is danced by two splendid dancers Valencia James and Zoltán Feicht. We’ve been on the world wide web dead and alive. Our encounters there are ephemeral and mostly having no consequences. We do like Valencia [...]


Café de la Danse: where you can’t have even a quiet cup of coffee… CAFÉ DE LA DANSE is an event, where dance steps out, in the framework of a performance, from the theatre environment, to take hold in community areas where the spectators, the public visiting coffee houses can encounter dance in a new [...]


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