February 26, 2015

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Location/ venue: Addetur Baptist High School, Budapest

Timing: 17.12.2014, 10 AM  

Review: In the frames of Dance-in-Education conference and workshop organised by Aulea Foundation, we presented the performance for students of special needs. The performance was followed by a physical workshop.


Warm-up (2014): a trio for kids or teens played in a school gymn



Performed by:  Arnaud Blondel, Gergő Bukta, Dávid Mikó

Music: András Csizmás

Acroyoga consultant: Michal Maciaszek,

Dramapedagogy Consultant: Adam Bethlenfalvy,

Text: Peter Muller Sziami,

Choreography: Kata Juhász

Warm-up is an interactive contemporary dance piece dedicated to young audiences conceived by Tamas Loky and having been developed by Cie. Kata Juhasz.

Basic situation: there are quite few cities in Hungary where contemporary dance or physical theatre was known and appreciated among programmers and wider audiences though once they encounter this artform they receive it open-minded and take delight in.

In order to change this situation we had decided to launch an initiation program and experienced that we can’t rely on but don’t either need theatres -even if there were-, as young audiences are not found in theatres but in schools.

Considering this situation we decided to make use of spacious rooms found right there in schools: gyms and halls with natural light instead of creating sophisticated light design.

This dance piece thus –called Warm-up- is to respond to our experience gained while having worked with the age-group of 13-18 years old teens in the countryside.

This performance therefore is a choreographed warm up with a dramatically built structure led by spoken monologues. The spoken monologues are built from slam-poetry pieces written by the dancers and Sziami Péter Müller.

The title as a metaphor refers to a kind of preparation for adult life, so the topics touched through monologues and dialogues with the audience (not among the characters like in a dramatic play) are related with the affairs of a teenager from the reminiscent perspective of adults.  Adults but of different ages who already know how s/he had warmed up (or had not) for recent challenges of life. This will challenge the performers either: acting (speaking and moving) like elder people would do despite being not much older by chance than the audience.

In accordance with the title we also adapted ourselves -while creating the choreography- to the usual situation of touring in the countryside when performers are in lack of time and proper facilities for warming up so they go on stage without doing so. The movement research was based on examination of body and space. We practiced acroyoga in the context of warming up and the exercises were used in the choreography as well. We researched interactions between the public and the dancers and we searched for games where kids could participate in the piece.

The piece is more than interactive, rather participative since these short texts are not just directed to certain persons from the audience but the exercises can also involve or be followed by ones from them while moving -ie doing the exercises even if they were challenging- together with the dancers is the very act of saying amen to life in the moments of crisis as well.



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