The bad student tested (2010)

May 16, 2010

in For young audiences

The bad student tested

A solo performance by Kata Juhász.

We are sitting by the desk in school this evening and Lulu is taking the oral test among us, instead of us:
“I don’t learn for school, but for life. Though why exactly there? What can I learn there? I will learn how not to know. I will learn how perplexity, incompetence, being ill-equipped, helplessness feels. We are going to feel this later too, don’t you remember? For the first time. Then I will learn what can be done about this. How could I forget? This is what I know even in my sleep. The most important decision of my life: I am going to be a bad student.”

Creator partners:
Consultant: Tamás Lóky
Light: Ferenc Payer
Music: Attila Gergely
Costume: Fruzsina Nagy
Visual: László Nagy, Zsolt Korai
Assistant director, Dramaturgy: Kata-Lina Varga
Assistant choreographer, External eye: Zsuzsanna Rózsavölgyi
Production assistant: Tamás Lóky
Choreography, Dance: Kata Juhász

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