Blitz (2006)

May 16, 2006

in Former productions

„God moves the player, he, in turn, the piece. But what god beyond God begins the round of dust & time & dream & agonies?”

Contemporary dance co-operated by live music, which uses multimedia and other new technologies in theatre.

The thematic kernel of this work, which uses choreography, video, and musical arrangement, is chess. The spectators find themselves in the middle of a game of chess. The dancers and violinists performing on stage are all abstract representations of chess pieces. Their movement, dance, encounters are all parts of a game of chess. Who moves the hands of the violinist, who plays the music, who dances the dance, and what is there behind all these? What does the camera see? What does the VCR project? What does the audience see, and who is behind them? Who manipulates, leads and who moves what nowadays?

We experiment both with time and two- and three-dimensional space through video, the video mixing with the live and pre-recorded video, the pre-recorded and the live music, the choreography and the situations, some of which will be improvised.

The performance contains real-time video and shot materials prepared beforehand. The material obtained by mixing images and choerography from two different temporal dimensions fuses together with live music.
The two different lines of the live video, from the moving camera and the vertical camera of the stage are coming to the computer of the VJ during the performance. The video projection to the screen of the stage is the three different pictures mixed by the VJ.

Choreography, dance, performers: Veronica Endo, Loïc Delacroix, Kata Juhasz
Music and violin: Guillaume Fontanarosa and Dominique Juchors
Video Artist: Scorpene Horrible
Assistante: Virginie Fontanarosa
Costume: Diana Oehler
Set-up: Peter Kis
Light: Ferenc Payer
Directed and conception by: Kata Juhasz

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