Juxtaposition (2009)

May 16, 2009

in Former productions

After reinterpretation of Ravel, and later Debussy this time she took the adventure of making Bach move. Zsolt Korai is ”renaissance man” who is a visual artist and a composer as well.
The musical setting is an alloy of the famous Bach-opus called Goldberg-variations -originally composed for harpsichord- played by Glenn Gould on piano and of a permanently pulsating noisemusic composed by Zsolt Korai.
The opus Goldberg-variations belongs to the spiritual, angelic world, this gives the structure of it by making the angels move, so in fact this music is to represent the eternal world. The other musical phrase underneath, the noise of machines escalating and fading away time by time on the basis of a mathematical structure represents the sound of the Earth.

There exists a world over there (or it does not). It exists overhead, or in front of our feet, at least on the stage, if no other place. We don’t really know what exactly exists there, since we usually can not see, and never heard it. Or did we?
Its easier to imagine what does not exist there: there’s no sorrow, there’s no grief, no anger, no passion and –like so many other things, presumably- there’s no delight either.
There are living –we may call them this way- the angels. But what else we could find there out of them? Probably music. So what is inside them? The same. Just ever different. While for sure they don’t sustain distress, fear or any kind of emotions. Nothing that could distract their internal world. Thus this gives their external appearance, too.
However, we are to live somewhere as well, and they know it well. They are aware of it, as we can’t do it in a voiceless way.
These are the existences, if its true.
But which is true?
This Or exists. Or it does not?

Performed by: Tímea Sebestyén, Oszkár Gulyás, Zoltán Grecsó, Krisztián Kelemen
Music: J.S. Bach: Goldberg-variations, Zsolt Korai
Visual: Korai Zsolt
Light design: Kata Juhász, Attila Szirtes
Choreography: Juhász Kata

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