Café de la danse (2007)

May 16, 2007

in Repertory

Café de la Danse: where you can’t have even a quiet cup of coffee…

CAFÉ DE LA DANSE is an event, where dance steps out, in the framework of a performance, from the theatre environment, to take hold in community areas where the spectators, the public visiting coffee houses can encounter dance in a new intimate context.

An unconventional venue and an informal event: a series of routines, composed specifically for this single occasion, extreme characters, music and spectacle.

It’s like we were telling a joke: DJ and VJ wander into this café. They’re not tired, in fact they are leisurely in mind…

And (well, it’s their job) they make a mess. In fact, they make a muddle of everything! Even this joke. Just like choreographer Kata Juhász jumbles up all those archetypical characters, the quasi-compulsory decor elements of any coffee house. Extravagant figures, the creations of eccentric artists at the neighbouring table. An unforgettable mélange: a half hour when anything can happen.
Performed by: Kata Juhász, Zsófia Nemes, Tímea Sebestyén, Ádám Zambrzycki, Zoltán Grecsó, Andrea Nagy/Tünde Tonhaiser, Oszkár Gulyás, Krisztián Kelemen
Music: Attila Gergely/ Ádám Zambrzycki
Video: Ádám Zambrzycki/ Zsolt Korai
Directed by: Kata Juhász

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