“Gaspard de la Nuit” reloaded

March 1, 2015

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(re-creation of the piece originally conceived in 2006)
Location/ venue: Kisvarda, Castle-theatre
Timing: 06.03. 2015, 11:00 AM & 1 PM  (2 performances) 

“Gaspard de la Nuit” reloaded


  • performers: Laura Feher, Arnaud Blondel,
  • piano: Szilvia Miko
  • Stage: Miklos Ferenci 
  • Minimal electro music composition: Zsolt Korai
  • Music conception: Eugene Angelou
  • Light: Ferenc Payer
  • Costumes: Diána Oehler
  • Choreography: Kata Juhász

The performance is a stage adaptation of the piano opus of Gaspard de la nuit composed by Maurice Ravel. Zsolt Korai’s minimal electro music stands as a counterpoint to Ravel’s composition played live on stage.

Nowhere in the entire range of music has splashing water been more beautifully suggested than in the first movement, the moderato Ondine, nymph of the water. In contrast to Ondine’s fluidity, the andante Le Gibet is static, a fantasia in one note which tolls away through the piece with never-varying rhythm, like a death knell, melancholy of distant sound of bells in the air. The vivace Scarbo the dwarf is different again: kaleidoscopic and hallucinatory, its nervous, fitful progress catches to perfection the macabre mood of the poem and feverish restlessness of the fears.

All this has been a source of inspiration to creating a choreography for two dancers and a pianist, building an extraordinary work of movement interweaved to the newly composed piece of electro-acoustic music, making thus a unique performance born out of many strong impulses.

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