Like me, like me (2011)

February 27, 2012

in Repertory

Like me like me is a sensual encounter of dance, classical and contemporary music accompanied by high-tech video-art. The piece is danced by two splendid dancers Valencia James and Zoltán Feicht.

We’ve been on the world wide web dead and alive. Our encounters there are ephemeral and mostly having no consequences.

We do like Valencia James and Zoltán Feicht the same as Albert Márkos and Ákos Zságer-Varga, Franz Liszt or Frederic Chopin by chance…

We follow links and cyber creatures by hitch-hiking at the super highway of information. Everybody does quote and everybody is to evoke.

like me, like me: Valencia

Review by Zaid Sethi: “The performance opens with the signing in of the two protagonists that represent aspects of us all connected to the net.

The experience of the piece is a melange of how we project ourselves and how we internalise the effect that projection has on others. Words are important but not words of any originality. Phrases used in cyberspeak dull the senses of creativity, reducing us to soundbites without the senses that arise through physical contact. The piece raises the question of whether relationships outside cyberspace, where it was necessary to develop the emotional symbiosis for relationships, matter anymore. Why, for instance do we need to invest so much time and energy in developing friendships with a handful of friends when we can, within the same space of time have hundreds of friends, voice opinions where feedback is irrelevant (if it is ever given), express thoughts without having to think them through and yet, despite all that, the desire to fulfil our needs as social animals still struggles to find consummation.

There seems to be an interplay of two forces; the fabulous lighting and video projections and the dance sequences in harmony with the music. Starting on one plane and then, as if bursting into solo improvisations they come together in a facetious conclusion of naive hopefulness that disregards the reality of the world we live in; a disconnect between the cyberspeak world and the physical world we live in. We are more influenced by the sensationalism of simplified soundbite opinions than the complex reality of our social environment. Perhaps that is too harsh an interpretation of what was intended.

The dancers, both Valencia James and Zoltan Feicht were excellent in their individual performances. Their casting was inspired. The visual feast they offered was a joy to watch.  An hour in the company of what art should always be. ”                                                                                                                                  (Zaid Sethi)

Created by:
Choreography: Kata Juhász
Performers: Valencia James & Zoltán Feicht
Video: Andrea Sztojanovits
Music: Frédéric Chopin, Ferenc Liszt, Albert Márkos, Ákos Zságer-Varga
Light: Ferenc Payer

Special thanks : Ádám Müller, Candice Edmunds, Jamie Harrison, Sándor Hegedűs

Supported by: National Cultural Found, NEFMI


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