DANCE and CIRCUS with live music

age group: 3-99
length: 50 min

Performers: Dorina Daragó, Gábor Ölvedi, Endre Kertész, Sára Kovács, Sophie Zoletnik, Bence Valkó
Choreography, Light, Scenography: Kata Juhász
Music: Endre Kertész, Sára Kovács, Gábor Ölvedi
Dramaturgy: Attila Budaházi
Costume: Christa Bartesch

This choreography by Kata Juhasz Company played with live music, furthermore involving musicians for doing challenging stunts, was conceived for the youngest audiences from the age of 3.

Kathie, a small girl while gazing to the sky receives visitors emerging from the clouds. These acrobats, dancers and musicians guide her through the 4 seasons by playing, dancing sometimes transforming into surprising fabled characters. The plot is based on the well-known tome of poems for children Bóbita by excellent hungarian poet Sándor Weöres.

This unplugged performance is all unique, because it recreates the traditional theater space and gives a great and direct experience for the audience.