Rechargeable (Consequences of an almost eternal life) is a community-based dance project resulting in a performance, involving amateur senior citizen and professional dancers. It addresses different issues, all dealing with aging in a much-transformed XXIst Century. The skills and possibilities in moving/ dancing/ performing of the aged participants cover quite broad spectrum, which will influence the realization of the performance. This piece is designed to travel, involving each time a new community of amateur and professional elderly citizen.


Western societies love youth. They are in awe of youth, and look at the elderly with a mixture of indifference and shame. Yet the population keeps aging, and in order to ensure economical sustainability, “compression of morbidity” is urged –or, in other, words, the accent is put on abridging these final, deemed unglamourous, years. These are major tendencies that have risen with the turn of millennium. But technology progresses with increasing speed, and we may be headed towards an almost eternal life. Will „technological singularity” (see Ray Kurzweil et aliud) shatter all known social rules and structures? Will we witness a trans-human r/evolution, involving much more than technology, health-care and financial issues? These innovations are bound to have deep impact on everybody, on personal level. This is why we want to tackle these issues using a social dialogue leading to an artistic form.

The topic

Beyond the possibilities of mere increased life expectancy lay enormous potential changes: longevity itself transforms the system of human emotions and the relations between generations and family members. We may become “rechargeable”, our damaged cells healed by new untold technologies,endlessly restored, renewed, and then…