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Animal Tales
-dance performance for kids and their parents-


“Fables are not what they appear to be.
The merest animals can, pleasingly,
Instruct by deed, not dull advice: we swallow
Gladly their tales, whence must the precepts follow.“

/Jean de La Fontaine/

With her brand new dance performance Animal Tales, Kata Juhász is reaching back to an evergreen and – due to historical reasons –, recently very much reviving genre.
The literary genre of animal tales that is as old as Western Civilization itself, delivers such message with its traditionally simple symbolism that is easy to follow for a kid while very much relevant for adult “readers” alike.
Kata Juhász’s show does not pick from well-known story plots, because the social and moral takeaways of animal tales as well as the situations created through their plots in essence very much need to be actual, timely and contemporary.
The play that combines live music, dance and motion is typically a chain of short form, rhyming tales performed singing.
Because we present these tales in a dramatized form set to music, both dancers and musicians take part in storytelling with their divers toolsets.
The tales come to life in forms of music and poetry: presenting vocal poetry, slam, rap but also swing, recitativo and aria.

Creative authors:
Choreographer: Kata Juhász,
Lyrics, dramaturgy, concept: Tamás Lóky,
Music director: Endre Kertész,
Costume: Móni Béres,
Performers: Endre Kertész, Judit Koncz, Zoltán Mózes, Réka Óberfrank

Events Calendar

28-11-2019, 13:30
Declaration of Independence (in the frame of dunapArt5 international showcase)
Location: Trafo studio (Budapest, Liliom u. 41, 1094)

28-11-2019, 23:00
Declaration of Independence
Location: Három Holló/ Drei Raben Café underground theatre venue (Budapest, Piarista köz 1, 1052, entrance from Szabadsajtó út))

18-12-2019, 11:00
Animal Tales
Location: Jurányi Ház, Grabo studio (Budapest, Jurányi u. 1., 1027, 4th floor)

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