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-a synopsis for a community based dancework-

The two major tendencies we’ve experienced by the turn of millenium the latest that are likely to challenge human civilization are:
1., the aging of population
2., prefiguration of „technological singularity” (Ray Kurzweil et aliud)
The first will presumably force us to set off „compression of morbidity” (by James Fries) in order to ensure economical sustainability of the societies, while the second will provide the necessary ways and means to achieve this former possibly through a transhuman r/evolution.
This r/evolution however – and this doesn’t go without saying- will purport much more than technology, health-care and financial issues.
These prospective changes, rather paradigm shift within fundamental structures of a society will have a deep impact on personal level too, apt even worth thus for a social dialogue and also artistic consideration.

The topic:
There’s much more in this field to discuss than simply life expectancy though increasing longevity itself is able to transform the system of human emotions and the relations between generations or even family members.
Let’s see nevertheless a couple of vital questions we soon will have to face – for a better understanding- with regards to the social, legal and political embeddedness of an individual:
We may become rechargable, but
• do we have the right to perform the recharging process? if so, how?
• will an average individual be voluntarily subject to the materialist approach that is essential for the recharging process?
• who would benefit by people getting recharged?
• if the beneficiary was the recharged person, what sort of sacrifice would s/he able, willing or obliged to make for sake of service?
• if recharging was an intervention by another individual (or authority), who is willing and authorised to perform it?
• if recharging was a service, who is able or entitled to recourse to it?
• Once we became rechargable: under what conditions, and what would be the consequences?
• what are the obligations and allowances of a recharged person?
• will recharges elongate or undermine the continuity of the human existence thus the very identity?
• will recharging transform our relation to elder people? if so, how?
Obviously these question are not newly raised since we’ve been provided proposals in form of either essay, or manifesto (see e.g.: Democratic Transhumanism 2.0 by James Hughes Ph.D.), but both offered as a product by a certain individual.

Working method:
Our project is to be created the opposite way: as a result of a democratic yet human teamwork which is time by time „rechargable” (renewable) by involving new bunches of non-(professional or non-)dancer elder people. Their thoughts, sentences, visions will be incorporated into the stagework the same as their presence, spoken words, emotionally saturated movements completing dancers’ choreographed movements.
The first phase is a community work and research aiming to comprehend the implications of forthcoming paradigm shift and to find small scenes able to accentuate the transformations.
In second phase there will happen the elaboration of these scenes by choreographic tools and structuring them along a timeline.
The entire process will be recorded on video in order to edit a werk-film which is also a documentary movie on how elder people in 2017 see their perspectives at the threshold of „almost eternal life”. This video can also serve as video footage for the dance piece.
This working method we think is in accordance with the new policy required by the manifesto mentioned above.

The pilot version was premiered in Budapest in April 2017 with the participation of a local senior dancer group.
Kata Juhasz was granted by CEC ArtsLink, Rechargeable was thus realised in the US due to the grant in coproduction with Link Vostok/ Minneapolis in July 2017. Due to its success Rechargeable became recreated in 7 different towns of Denmark in 2019 with the participation of local communities. Our coproducing partner has been Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium led by Eugenio Barba.
We seek further partners in order to realise the Rechargeable-project by involving groups of local people and we look forward to sharing ideas and initiate a societal dialogue about policy making in a transhuman civilisation.

Events Calendar

28-11-2019, 13:30
Declaration of Independence (in the frame of dunapArt5 international showcase)
Location: Trafo studio (Budapest, Liliom u. 41, 1094)

28-11-2019, 23:00
Declaration of Independence
Location: Három Holló/ Drei Raben Café underground theatre venue (Budapest, Piarista köz 1, 1052, entrance from Szabadsajtó út))

18-12-2019, 11:00
Animal Tales
Location: Jurányi Ház, Grabo studio (Budapest, Jurányi u. 1., 1027, 4th floor)

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