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The Bad Student Tested
-a physical theatre performance by dancer and choreographer Kata Juhász-
 Best Hungarian classroom theatre performance of 2012 

Short description of the performance:
The fact that the title refers to a short story by Frigyes Karinthy (see: is not accidental as the basic situation is the same: the bad student has to respond to the teacher’s questions (Hungarian word “felel” doesn’t only mean to respond. It is a school situation when students have to give an oral report on the previously learnt things in front of the whole class.) Kata Juhász’s play is also about this situation, but the play has two different levels: in one physical space all the imaginative pictures that come to the bad student’s mind in such an unpleasant situation occure. So numerous possible space, time and role are mixed up with reality, where the protagonist is trying to escape from this difficult situation. She can not run away anywhere else only to the alternative world made by her wishes and imagination, where she doesn’t have to find the “correct answer” but rather herself.
The play highlights the fact that such seemingly hopeless situations help us to prepare for life where it is not possible to learn the well-operating models in advance: we must improvise and we can only count on our own creativity. Secondary school students certainly need this because the attitudes that determine adulthood evolve at this age.
Due to the conscious creative intention the performance originally played in theatre venue can be taken out from those circumstances and put into it’s specific space: schools and classrooms.
Also, in The Bad Student…’s theatre version the stage and the auditorium is not separated. By sitting in rows of classroom desks and because of the common place and interactions the audience inevitably becomes the part of the performance.
The Bad Student… especially suits for highschool students as target audience. The well-known topic and dramatic situation into which it is easy to put themselves -especially in their own school environment – provides easy involvement into the dramatic plot for the students almost independently from their age. However, the play’s complex movement language needs some abstracting abilities and a previously gained “spectators’ experience” in connection with the non-linear time and space structure. Because of this our target audience is the above 14 age group.
The stage version premiere was on 6th of March, 2010 in MU Theatre, Budapest. Since then the piece was toured in Poland, Romania, Slovak Rep., Denmark, Israel


Choreographer / performer: Kata Juhasz
Music: Attila Gergely
Costume: Fruzsina Nagy
Dramaturg: Tamás Lóky
Assistant director: Kata-Lina Varga
Assistant choreographer: Zsuzsanna Rózsavölgyi

Supported by: Hungarian National Cultural Fund, Ministry of Human Capacities of Hungary

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