by cie.ooops KATA JUHÁSZ 
an unplugged physical theatre performance

Performers: András Déri, Roland Geczy, Dávid Mikó
Choreography: Kata Juhász
Music: András Csizmás
Applied text: Müller Péter Sziámi and the dancers
Artistic consultant: Tamás Lóky
Acroyoga consultants: Michal Maciaszek and Anna Pákh
Dramapedagogy consultants: Ádám Bethlenfalvy, Orsi Kámán
The title –Warm-up- we use here both verbatim, in its physical meaning, and also as a metaphor. Hence the performance –regarding to the scope of movements- is exactly what it promises: a warm-up, choreographed though: in its course thus dancers get to spectacular, acrobatic forms of moving. In the same time due to short dramatic monologues and some chorus applied the performance is able to bring on “warm-up” as a metaphor for a state of human existence in very general. 
As far as no matter which age we always prepare or train ourselves for something to come despite scarcely being of it aware: from this inverse perspective thus most of our “actions” will prove to be just “warm-up”.
This perspective has a special relevance for young audiences still “warming-up” for running the “program of life” which is a consequence of being “social animal” and living being.
Supported by: NKA, EMMI, Zawirowania, IVF VARP- PA residency program, Workshop Foundation, SÍN Culture Centre